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Gallus Balogh

Born: 1991

member since: 2019


'The starting point of my works is my own current, usually depressed mental state. The uncertainty of choosing the right medium, the hesitation whether I should use songs, comics or paintings to transform my thoughts always affects the emerging work. It is this insecurity, together with the chaos created by the human mind, my own mind is what I transfer onto the canvas. I always paint myself; my paintings embody that malleable and ultrasensitive conscious and spiritual form of existence, which is me at this moment. I cannot and I do not want to get isolated from myself. My actual existence completely fills in my artistic existence.'

The depressive state of mind is more and more prevalent in Western societies. The fast flow of information leaves no possibility for the individual to effectively assess his emotions. Depression does not solely produce negative effects, however: it can also serve as an inspirational source and a basis for works that not only help their creator to get over certain life events but they also positively impact the viewer. Gallus Balogh feeds on these negative emotions which result in doubt and restlessness. He creates systems for the solutions of problems, and these chaotic mental processes appear in harmonic unity on the canvas.

2012-2018 | Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Budapest, Hungary - Masters: Janos Kosa, Orsolya Drozdik

2016-2018 | Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, Graphic design, Budapest, Hungary

Solo exhibitions

2018 | Upstream Framework, Klinika x LAVOR Collective, Budapest

2017 | Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest

2010 | Hunnia Art Bistro, Budapest

2009 | Art Deco Gallery, Budapest


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