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Faludi G

Born: 1984

member since: 2018


Faludi G is a dynamically evolving exclusive brand. The concept of the brand’s design and philosophy focuses on the appreciation of beauty as a transcendental aesthetic experience. The aim is to make these sensations tangible and wearable and imprint creative experiences into the artwork. The designing process is defined by the intention to push the boundaries of material and form, and to dissolve the contrasts that lies in the harmony of beauty. The jewels are exclusively hand made, crafted with utmost precision. The motto of this process is the ‘Ten Thousand Touch’, which shows the number of times the craftsmen handle the pieces of the jewels before they are ready to put in their boxes. The Faludi G brand was founded by designer Gabriella Faludi in 2011, who by that time had established her name as an experienced jewellery and glass designer. Gabriella Faludi is known to apply innovative techniques and structures, which she combines with extraordinary colours and shapes. She creates a captivating atmosphere around her jewels that radiate feminine luxury. In the brand’s emblematic visual world are captured harmony and beauty in a fascinatingly sophisticated way. There is a deep, underlying presence of emotions that are passionate, vibrant and surreal, fairy-tale like. Faludi G’s mysterious, slightly unreal world of beauty focuses on women and femininity. This sophisticated, dreamlike femininity comes from taking beauty and harmony out of their usual context, so they can cross the boundaries of social norms to take on a different quality that comes from the logic of dreams. So when a woman truly embraces her own femininity, it is like opening the door of Wonderland.


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