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Eva Ujfalusi

Born: 1982

member since: 2019


Born on date 1982 in Kecskemét. Live in Budapest.


The Art of Éva Ujfalusi is related to the human need to tell the story of life, as well as fairy tales, in a symbolic language. Her images are inspiredinspirated by dreamwork and real life situations, or she uses real life situations as inspiration. She has a deep connection to myths, because they contain all of our lifelives experiences - such as fear, rootlessness, loss, painful attachment or indeed fulfillment or joy. A lot of stories we still live today: Persephone kidnapping being kidnapped or our love trapped us as Theseus trapped Ariadne; we may have lost our wings as in the tale of Vasilisa the Beautiful, or just wait for a crossroads. In her pictures we see, that pomegranate, which had become stone but cry tears, we discover labyrinths, bridges, quiet or threatening waters or desert dream-like desert scenerieslandscape - in any case, we are on some kind of inner landscape.



2015 - 2018: Hungarian Art- and Socio-therapy Community-building Association (MMSZKE), Budapest

- Art Therapist

2015 - 2018: John Wesley Theological College, Budapest

- Complex Art Therapy

2014 - 2015: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest

- Education with Arts

2013: Misla-Art Cultural Centre, Miszla

- Miszla Residency 

2012: NKA Fine Arts College of tender

- Creative support

2011: Psychological test drawing, drawings analysis accredited course

2007: École de Supérieur de Beaux- Arts de Nice,

- Erasmus scholarship

2003 - 2009: Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

- Painter and Art Teacher

2003 - 2009: Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

- Painter and Art Teacher

2001 - 2003: Esterhazy Karoly College, Eger,

- The Visual Arts Institue



2017 – Silent Stories, Eötvös 10 Community and Cultural Scene, Budapest

2014 - You must die first for the rebirth, Jókai Cultural Center, Budaörs

2012 - Café Vian Gosdu Court, Budapest

2012 - Café Vian Liszt Ferenc Square, Budapest

2011 - Hollan Erno Street Park Restaurant Sauce, Art Moments by Hybridart - Click contemporaries context of contemporary art exhibition, Budapest

2011 - Base Zsámbéki Theatre, Zsámbék

2011 - Art9 Gallery, Budapest

2009 - Fresh Gallery, Budapest

2008 - Fresh Gallery, Budapest

2007 - Screenings, " Portraits ", „Örökmozgó” Cinema, Budapest






2019 – Dragonlight, Kisapáti

2015 - New Cross Section Display 1, BunkerGame, Budapest

2014 -Labyrinth, MAOE, Szentendre

2013 - Premier 3, Miszla

2013 - Ego destroyers, Budapest

2011 - Béla Kondor titled Hommage a group exhibition at the Kecskemét Kandó             Vocational         and Technical School former students of contemporary works of art periodical, Raday Képesház Book House Gallery, Budapest

2009 - Artists and Managers 2009 - Patrons and his young protege interactive dialogue,            Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

2009 - Lake Summer - Francis S. Apor, Kata Book, Priest Gitta, Szunyoghy Victoria and               Eva Ujfalusi joint exhibition, Fresh Gallery, Budapest

2008 - Art Expo New, group, Art Mill, Szentendre

2008 - VII. Day of Hungarian Painting, Budapest

2007 - Lajos Vajda Studio, COMP group exhibition , Szentendre

2007 - Museum of Literature Baudelaire invitation exhibition, Budapest

2007 - Ybl Palace, group exhibition , Budapest

2007 - XVI. Faces and Fates National Portrait Biennial, Moldvay Gyõzõ Gallery, Hatvan

2006 - Art Expo New Art Mill, Szentendre

2005 - Plain Art group exhibition of artists' camp, Erlin Gallery, Budapest

2004 - " Energy and consideration," Art Mill, Szentendre



István Sinkó: Dream Realities, Life and Literature, February 16, 2018.

Waldemar Kuligowski: „Eva Ujfalusi - wycofanie jako manifest”,in: Czas Kultury 3/2014 – Czas Kultury  WĘGRY: KONIEC REPUBLIKI

The origin of the artwork, Eva Ujfalusi’s paintings, The critical site of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, February 10, 2013.

Tibor Weiner Sennyey: Outside and inside, Life and Literature, July 27, 2012.

Endre Mányoki: Painting of Eva Ujfalusi, „Irodalmi Jelen” online newspaper, July 27, 2010.

István Sinko: The parts of a whole, Life and Literature, February 5, 2010.

Lajos Pressing: Pars pro toto, Life and Literature, May 23, 2008.




„Irodalmi jelen” online literary journal essay series, 07/28/2010 - 2010.22. – „Touches"

(Tivadar Csontváry-Kosztka, Frida Kahlo, Ilona Lovas, Caravaggio, Caspar David Friedrich, René Magritte, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Francisco Goya, George De La Tour)



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