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Eva Mihalik

Established: 2008

member since: 2019


In my creative work I like to use unusual materials. Despite the texture is really important, the form mostly gives clean, simple effect. The design everytime begins with material manipulating and experiences. Using different yarns and cords I create possibilities to combine different sorts of materials. As primary source of inspiration there is the raw material itself as an element, that must not be textile by all means.

As future plans I would like to experiment with recycled materials like plastic, and creating products that leaves as less waste as possible during production and packing. I want to emphasize the usage of different metal- and plastic parts that specifies the form world of the ready-made pieces. In every case the created forms and the unusual materials have to serve not only the look but the practical usability of the product. For my creative and visual world I got effections from the ferro-concrete buildings of the the 20th and 21st century, from the mood of ruined factories and the decay of ghost towns, the quality of space exploration, astronomy and the differences of seasons as well.


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