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Emoke Kerekes

Born: 1980

member since: 2019


KEREKES EMŐKE was born in Romania and from the age of 12 was living in Budapest, Hungary. 2013-2015 was the period when She gradually moved back to Transilvania, Romania and She was living here ever since.
Her work is deeply influenced by the region’s cultural and historical background. 
Her photographs methodically present the observing documentarist and the conceptual analyst attitude, while her works are fedby constant personal involvement.
Her is interested in the mechanisms of memory, the effects between the personal and collectiv history.

2010-2007 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Photography BA, Budapest, Hungary

2007-2005 Kaposvar Unversity Arts Faculty, Photography BA, Kaposvar, Hungary

Solo Exhibitions: 

2019  Kolta Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2015  Home, Radio Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

2015  Flacara/Brakdowwn, Korunk Studio Gallery,Cluj-Napoca,Romania

Groupe Exhibitions:

2019  Kányádi Photo Fantasis, PIM, Budapest, Hungary

2018  100 Years Talk/Mimesis,Art Museum,Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2017  Develop, EMTE, Sapientia, Cluj-Napoca, Hungary

2016  Conti-Mental Spaces/Mimesis,Art Museum,Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2015  New York Hotel/MerryGoRound/Mimesis 0.Edition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2015  Elohvas – FFS, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014  Random:14, Kolta Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014  Between Shadows, Platan Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014  New York Hotel-Full House,Mimesis 0.Edition, Cluj-Napoca,Rumania

2013  FFS, Summer Collection,Casati Hotels Gallery,Budapest, Hungary

2012  Generation of the 80’, ArtBázis, Budapest, Hungary         

2012  Invisible segment of a city, Demo Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2011  Reality fictions, ArtBázis, Budapest, Hungary

2011  Artmomments, Otp Junior Exposures, OTP Bank, Budapest, Hungary 

2011  Surreality, Artmomments, Hybrid Art, Budapest, Hungary

2010  Women only, Centrális Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2010  D11rty Eleven, Loffice, Budapest, Hungary

2010  Photo Month 2010, „11”, Loffice, Budapest, Hungary

2010  Meet MOME Photography at Photokina, Köln, Germany

2010  Anatomy of a street, Church Street, London, England

2010  Mome Ba Photograpie course, Barabás Villa Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2010  Jung Geniuses, POSzT, Pécs, Hungary

2010  Aurinkobaletti, GoBE Dance Company, Turku and Helsinki, Finland 

2009  Without borders, Szabó Ervin Library, Budapest, Hungary

2008  Camera obscura – conterporary dark rooms, Hungarian House of      

      Photography, Budapest, Hungary

2007  Triple Coffee House, Budapest, Hungary

2007  Bethlen Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2005  Unio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2004  Mediawawe, Győr, Hungary


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