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Dia Zekany

Born: 1987

member since: 2019


Dia Zékány is inspired by interiors, living spaces in her immediate neighborhood, and intimate spaces are at the center of her artistic interest – her paintings are reflections of how she pieces together the relationship between humans and their environment as defined by objects. The artist is fascinated by order and disorder, also by observing the psychological phenomena behind them and then framing it up using a realistic, sometimes a kind of documentary view. Her field work started with middle-class interiors: the family house and its surroundings (where she grew up) and her grandparents’ house in Debrecen. This type of environment is frequently found in Hungarian households, usually as a result of years of hoarding – its explanation varies by generations and social status. The overcrowded piles of random objects fill up the living spaces and create the feeling of the “horror vacui”. Dia claims that she attempts to capture this in her paintings, through drawing interiors and reinterpreting genre-paintings. She personally feels drawn towards these exciting and varied topics, as she grew up with 3 siblings, and their house has always been overcrowded and rather untidy. Dia says living in this environment was not easy for her, but today she looks at it as an observer, interpreting all as a pure installation of objects, clothes and other stuffs selected with an extraordinary sense of chaos. They romantically inspire the artist to preserve them and paint them again and again. In the past few years her attention has particularly turned to the living spaces of her friends and acquaintances. She often investigates the similarities and differences between people’s personalities and their characteristic social set-up. Dia says that driving principle behind hoarding seems to be: “I’ll just put this away, it might be useful someday” – it is the feeling of lifelong angst of what the future might bring printed into their physical environment. The intention of her works are to become part of a small and focused anthropological analysis. Dia states that the visual interpretations would bring her closer to answering the following questions: How do we frame up and fill in the living space we spend most of our time in? When do we form our own “order”? Can we describe people through their objects? Can we describe life in terms of our relationship to objects?

Education 2017- Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Doctoral School, DLA 2012-2013 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Teacher faculty 2012 Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands 2010-2013 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting faculty 2007-2010 University of Pécs, Faculty of Visual Art, Painting faculty

Solo exhibitions 2018 New Genre, b24 Gallery, Debrecen Accusative, A.P.A Gallery/Ateliers Pro Arts, Budapest 2017 Closer, Labor gallery, Budapest 2016 Viewpoint, Art+Text Budapest gallery, Budapest 2015 Overloaded interior, Müszi, Budapest 2012 Metaphor of the vicious world, Galerija Tenzor, Ptuj, Slovenia Group exhibitions 2018 Optimistic exhibition (Miklós Erdély and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts), Barcsay hall, Budapest Studio’18, SALON, Barcsay hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest Suspensions, Tesla, Budapest 2017 Old School, m21 Gallery, Pécs Sculptors 1956 no2, 2B Gallery, Budapest 2016 The Space Between Us, Pop/off /art gallery, Moscow, Russia More about LESS, Art9 Gallery, Budapest What kind of creature is an artist?, Studio of Young Artists, Budapest Connections, The new members of the SYAA, Labor, Budapest 2015 Imago Mundi, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, San Giorgio Island, Venice, Italy 2014 NE Fest 2, Points of View, Sofia, Bulgaria The second explodes, Kunsthalle, Eurocenter, Lana, Italy Ungern in Ungarn?, Hellerau, European Center for the Arts Dresden, Germany 2013 Essl Art Award Cee 2013, Transcending Cultures, Essl Museum, Wien, Austria Esterházy Kunstpreis 2013, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Best of Diploma 2013, Barcsay hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest UniCredit Bank Award 2013, B22 Gallery, Budapest Essl Art Award Cee 2013, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest 2012 New port, New Media Gallery, Slovakia, Kosice 10th Art Stays, Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj, Slovenia UniCredit Bank Award 2012, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest Gender paintbrush II., Paksi Képtár, Paks „I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours”, Groningen, Netherlands


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