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Daniel Bernáth


member since: 2019


Dániel Bernáth (1990) was born in Debrecen, graduated as a painter in 2014 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He won the Gruber Béla Award in 2014 and the Essl Art Award in 2015. In 2017, he participated in a residency program in Krems. He regularly exhibits at group and solo exhibitions, at both domestic and foreign art events.


“My main interest is the image itself, as an object and an idea, a historical and abstract formation. My interest basically revolves around the image as a possible identity. My artistic work is based on the perception categories associated with each medium and the art history clichés related to them. Because of their format and iconic character, our attitude towards panel pictures differs from that of technical pictures and media. In my work I investigate these imaging systems. For a few years now, painting as a theme has been in the focus of my work. I am looking for the basic conditions of imagery and the typical phases of its deciphering. First I put into shape these pictorial needs of mine on canvas stretched on ‘organic’ frames made of planks I found. Later, this framework structure became an independent theme in my art program. The extraordinary silhouette of the frames offered opportunities to render the inanimate panel image nonetheless viable as a function of identity, merely because of its original, unique, and unrepeatable presence. Gradually, my attention turned to an abstract way of perception. I organize the image as content with the image as a medium.”

2009 - 2014 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, painter, Budapest

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 - Mountain Mama, Négyszoba Galéria, Budapest (HU)
2019 - Game of Snakes, (with Nikolett Balázs), Telep, Budapest, (HU)
2018 - PURITAN FLOW, MŰTŐ Gallery, Budapest, (HU)
2017 - Come over!, LLP platform, Budapest, (HU)
2016 - Organimetry, Art+Text Gallery, Budapest, (HU)
2016 - Obligatory Optional / Kötelezően Választható, Budapest, UVG, Ural Vision Art Gallery, (HU)
2014 - Sense of Common / Közérzet, (with Bukta Imre) Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria, Budapest, (HU)

Group exhibitions:

2019 - Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, (FI)
2019 - Acidic Taste, Los Angeles, CA, (U.S.)
2019 - Space Perceptions, Hybrid Art Space, Budapest, (HU)
2019 - BAUHAUS 100, OSAS, Vasarely Múzeum,
Budapest (HU)
2018 - Break Out - MŰTŐ, Budapest, (HU)
2018 - Imago Mundi - Art Theorema #1, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, (IT)
2017 - Eszterházy NOW, Contemporary Art Award, Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest, (HU)
2017 - Day of painting, Bálna, Budapest, (HU)
2017 - MFG30, Debrecen, (HU)
2016 - Living hungarian painting - Szent Adal­bert Központ, Esztergom, (HU)
2016 - Art Market Budapest, Art+Text Budapest (HU)
2016 - UP! Helium Contemporary, A38 ship, (HU)
2016 - Akkumlator, Budapest Galéria, Budapest, (HU)
2016 - Mermaids and Colorfields - Artlocator, A38 ship, (HU)
2015 - Eszterházy NOW, Contemporary Art Award -Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - Diversitiy of Voices, ESSL ART AWARD CEE, ESSL Museum, Vienna, (AT)
2015 - There must be a window above every couch, Hermina Galéria, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - TRIP, Bratislava, (SK)
2015 - Art Market, Anonymus Project, Brody Artyard, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - Much ado about nothing / Semmi, Omnivore gallery, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - ESSL Art Award, Nominees exhibition, Budapest Galéria, Budapest, (HU)
2014 - Canvas of Veronica / Veronika vászna, Godot gallery, (HU)
2014 - Hallgatói galéria, Eger, (HU)
2014 - The curse of whatever / A mindegy átka, Budapest, online
2014 - Diploma Exhibition, MKE, Budapest, (HU)
2014 - Variations / Variációk , Három Hét Galéria Budapest, (HU)
2013 - MTA conference, Budapest, (HU)
2012 - Művészet Malom-Malomkörzés, Art Mill, Szentendre, (HU)

Awards and prizes:

2015 - ESSL Art Award CEE (AT)
2014 - Gruber Béla Award (HU)


2017 - Artist in Residence, Krems, (AT)
2015 - Mátraterenye (MTMT) Workshop, (HU)
2014 - Mátraterenye (MTMT) Workshop, (HU)
2014 - Nyilt tér, Mezőszemere Workshop, (HU)

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