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Csilla Bondor

Born: 1979

member since: 2019


Csilla Bondor is a Hungarian artist, born in 1979. She graduated as a graphic artist from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2007. Later she started to paint and nowadays she is also known for installations. Csilla works with the reusability of discoloured, scrap wood in a very personal ecological genre and combines sculptural elements, graphic art, painting and art works.
The objects she usually depicts are shortened or deformed by the view, have borders cut off, shadows painted, as well as highlights, which makes a perfect illusion of space. Her original style and iconography are based on a sense of everyday objects, and depending on the angle one perceives the object, an optical illusion comes up. The wooden plates she uses aren’t just the material but also a medium for her: she represents wood with wood, frankly, showing its structure by scraping the surface, letting nature work for itself.
In 2006, Csilla won the scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome, in 2007 the Corvina Foundation Prize and the KOGART-prize for young career entrants. Her works have been presented around Hungary and abroad.


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