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Balázs Csizik


member since: 2019


Balázs Csizik (1987, Székesfehérvár) obtained his master’s degree in Visual Communication (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) where he’s a lecturer now, in the fields of visual communication and communication technology. He combines the visual language of photography with other fine art forms, using different skillsets. His artistic vision is inspired by modern experimental architecture and art forms like suprematism and constructivism.

His artworks are also inspired by nature, searching for the relation between urban and natural landscapes. The common feature of his series is reduction, minimalism, which appears in colors, composition and visuals at the same time. This kind of reductivity also involves some distance, resignation in relation of the urban appearance displayed. In his works he uses custom made materials, like plywood objects and textile elements with organic surfaces of natural substrates. The main visual is based on the handmade artificial world and the interplay between nature and built elements. 

2017 - Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre – Photostreet, Budapest (HU) 
2018 - BROWNIE Contemporary Art Photography Gallery, 
Shanghai (CN) 
2018 - Shanghai Photo Fair, Shanghai (CN)
2018 - Art Market Budapest, Budapest (HU)2018 - Wenzhou Gallery Store, Wenzhou (CN)
2018 - aTELIERS PRO ARTS Gallery, auction, Budapest (HU)
2018 - EDGE Communications, with Anikó ROBITZ, Budapest (HU)
2019 - BROWNIE Contemporary Art Photography Gallery, Beijing Gallery opening (CN)
2019 - Design Shanghai, BROWNIE, curated joint exhibition (CN)
2019 - Brody Studios / Dobossy Auction, Budapest (HU)
2019 - Das Rund, Vienna (apr. 4) (AT)
2019 - The Palace of Arts, BAUHAUS Contemporary, curated joint exhibition (HU)
2019 - Art Capital, Ferenczy Museum / Ámos Imre & Anna Margit Museum, Paradise City, Szentendre, curated joint exhibition (HU)
2019 - Festival Mundi, Sannicandro di Bari, 
curated joint exhibition (ITA)
2019 - FRAME Art Fair, BAUHAIS Contemporary, 
curated joint exhibition (SUI)
2019 - MMG, Magyar Muhely Gallery, curated joint exhibition (HU)
2019 - MODEM, “A panelség etimológiája”, Debrecen
curated joint exhibition (HU)

Main press releases: Zupagrafika - The Eastern Blocks book, Octogon Magazine, Mozgó Világ Magazine, Ignant, Fubiz, The Calvert Journal, Paperjournal, Photogrist, Phototrend, Aint-Bad Magazine, Gessato, Journal du design, National Geographic, Fidelio, Artnews,

Awards: HM, by IPA 2018 in abstract/ fine art category and in ND Awards 2018

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