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Attila Kondor

Born: 1974

member since: 2019


Attila Kondor is a contemporary painter and one of the most remarkable figures of the new generation of visual artists in Hungary. He was born in 1974 in Budapest, graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2000, where he studied under the guidance of Professor András Baranyai. Attila is a recipient of number of awards, including Béla Kondor-award in 2000, Scholarship of Rome in 2007.

His paintings encourage the viewer to experience a state of outside temporality and reflect on uneventful immobility. Lonely landscapes with no human presence, tilted perspective and simple architectural structures bring to the recipient the feeling of breaking out of the information flow, forcing to stop and contemplate. Since the 2013 the artist has been experimenting with fine art animation, made by oil on canvas or other traditional techniques.

2000 – Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary. Teacher András Baranyay.

2012 – Work Reward, Vásárhelyi Őszi Tárlat, Hódmezővásárhely
2009 – Scholarship of "Újbuda Mecénás"
2007 – Scholarship of Rome
2000 – Béla Kondor award
1998 – First prize of the "200 Years Old is the Lithography"
1998 – Barcsay-award
1997 – Barcsay-award

Selected personal exhibitions

2017 – Survey Tornyai Múzeum, Hódmezővásárhely
2017 – The City of the Sun, Resident Art Galéria, Budapest
2016 – City from above B32 Galéria, Budapest
2015 – Ontogenesis - Participation in being,  Kiscelli Templom, Fővárosi Képtár, Budapest
2015 – The Modifications of Light Tornyai Múzeum, Hódmezővásárhely
2015 – The paths of attention II. K. Petrys Galéria, A38Hajó Kiállító, Budapest
2014 – Depicted time (Mátyási Péterrel) Molnár Ani Galéria, Budapest
2012 – The Art of Memory, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2011 – Elmélyedés, Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest
2011 – Orientations No. 3. Pepper Art Projects Gallery, Budapest
2011 – Ittlét, Újbuda Gallery, Budapest
2009 – Mind and Existence Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest
2008 – Hermetic gardens / Giardini Ermetici Italian Cultural Institute, Budapest
2008 – Orientations No. 1-2. Garden of Collection M.C.P. and Gallery of Association of Hungarian Young Artist, Budapest
2007 – Little contemplations Volksbank Gallery, Budapest
2007 – Contemplation Greak Church Exhibition Hall, Vác
2007 – Tradition Transmitter-Receiver Inda Gallery, Budapest
2006 – Parmenidész-fragments Huba Gallery, Budapest
2006 – First glance Szinyei Exhibition Room, Budapest
2004 – The gardens of contemplation Szinyei Exhibition Room, Budapest
2002 – The places of contemplation I. Multicont Rt. Kiállító, Budapest
1999 – Natura Nuda, Natura Morta Óbudai Társaskör Gallery
1997 – Discovered places Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, with Csaba Filp
1996 – Still life Cirkó-gejzír Gallery

Works in public collections:

Foundation COLAS Budapest
Contemporary Collection of Museum Ignác Tragor of Vác
Kogart Contemporary Collection
Volksbank Budapest
Picture Gallery of Szeged
Antenna Hungaria Budapest
University of Debrecen


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