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Established: 2017

member since: 2019


The mission of ArtConscious is to build a bridge between international art collectors, and the artists and designers of emerging regions. Our online marketplace offers top quality, unique but affordable artworks and design products. 

ArtConscious invites its audience to a digital world full of wonder and novelty for both its partners and customers; a world where the consumption of art and culture is tied in with values, and represents the current outlook of the artworld. Upholding female artists and reacting to societal problems are an important part of our mission; reflected in the high representation of sustainable and green technologies as well as social design among our partners.

We also offer beautiful, ArtCnscious-branded products and we hope that you enjoy them! Our 'Art Is More' slogan and campaign aims to highlight the diverse values that we promote through our partners. 


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