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Anna Eszter Toth

Born: 1985

member since: 2019


Anna Eszter Toth is a Hungarian contemporary artist, living and working currently in Budapest. She was born in 1985, in Szolnok. After finishing a Teacher’s Training School in Szeged – where she was trained to become an art teacher – she continued her studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Here she got a Master’s  Degree in Painting in the year of 2014. In 2012 she received the Jozsef Kiss-Prize and in 2016 the Barcsay-Prize.

Toth observes the visual situations surrounding her – created by human activities or by forces of nature –, that contain some kind of artistic quality or problem. She looks at these as marks which tell stories of their own formation, as they always conserve something unknown and hidden, beyond their own existence. Toth has an inner urge to go beyond the mere recording of sensations and to actually recreate these situations because through the process of making, she is drawn closer to deeper aspects of understanding. Through the consistent use of different materials and creative methods, she deals with the conscious and the unconscious aspect of her artistic processes. She uses a wide variety of different media in her visual investigations: photography, painting, sculpture and found object to name a few. 



2008 – 2014   Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting MA,  Budapest, Hungary

2004 – 2009   University of Szeged - Juhasz  Gyula Teachers' Training College, Art / English Teacher BA,  Szeged, Hungary



2015 Barcsay-Prize, Jeno Barcsay  Art Foundation, Hungary

2012 Jozsef Kiss Prize, Jozsef Kiss Art Foundation,  Hungary


2016  L-Art Open Studios, "FLOW",   Budapest, Hungary

2015  Leanyfalu – Community Hall, "TORES",  Leanyfalu, Hungary

2010  IV.district Ervin Szabo Library, "Scottich Landscapes", Budapest, Hungary

2011  Korond Gallery, "Nora_skype",  Budapest, Hungary



2017  University of Fine Arts, "Dislocations", Budapest, Hungary

2016   Marai Centre , "A konnyu nap tegnap volt", Eger, Hungary

2016   Kert Gallery,  "Duma-domb", Szolnok, Hungary

2016   Ferenczy Museum,"Barcsay Prize Winner’s Exhibition", Szentendre, Hungary

2015   Varmezo Gallery, "ZoomIn ZoomOut",  Budapest, Hungary

2015   Hotel Rum, "Rum -pop up", Budapest, Hungary

2015   Vecses –Community Hall,"PINK",  Vecses, Hungary

2014   Art Forward - Pop up Gallery, "ART FORWARD", Budapest,  Hungary

2014     University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science and Technology,   “Ablakom a larmas                       tavasznak ki nem tarom", Debrecen, Hungary

2013     Martfu – Community Hall,  "Zim-zum vol.2", Martfu, Hungary

2012     Balassi Institute, "Zim-zum", Prague, Czech Republich

2011     Hattyuhaz Gallery, "Faceworld",  Pecs, Hungary

Interview on 'Open Studios Afternoon/Nyitott mutermek delutánja' in Hungarian

"Tudatosan létrehozni a veletlenszerut", Nyitott Mutermek Delutanja, by    Heckler Krisztina, 2017



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