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Aniko Robitz

Born: 1978

member since: 2019


While Anikó Robitz uses photography as a medium, her works can be appropriately understood from the visual vantage point of fine arts. Her works can be approached with ease by those who are familiar with the novel visual vocabulary of form developed in the 20th century, which can be linked primarily to abstraction, Suprematism and Minimalism, i.e., signalling a departure from anthropocentric representation. It is a departure from all that fine art photography, addressing a main stream public with its own genres – such as landscape, still-life, genre, portrait and nude photography, etc. – all stemming from the classification of genres or approaches pertaining to traditional art forms, with their history being linked to the once-unified world view.

Even though Robitz’s photos may seem to suggest at first glance that the artist is a studio photographer, the world of her works is by no means a constructed, staged world. Only the framing of the scene by the camera shows the characteristics of construction, whereas the dramatic sujet occurs out there in real life. In order for the artist to find her true field of work, she sets out – or rather takes a plane – in the manner of so many thousands of tourists, who incessantly record billions of shots, tainting the last remaining virgin spots in the world.
In some sense, Robitz is also a tourist; she joins the endless row of travellers, but she is interested in something that only she is able to notice on this planet when seeing the world-famous sights. This is what makes her work unique. In addition, instead of interpreting reality as the majority of photographers do, she creates a new world out of the hidden features of the existing world. She discovers the visible in the invisible, and makes the unknown known, because she has a key that no one else possesses.

2011 - Milton Friedman University –  Faculty of Arts – Film studies BA

2006 - Szellemkep School of Photography – analog photography + darkroom


TOBE Gallery, “Holographic Memories” Budapest, Hungary
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin “Light, Form, Photogram” with Minyo Szert, Berlin, Germany

Art Market Budapest – Special guest artist of the Visegrad Contemporary Festival – Budapest, Hungary

Liget Gallery “Taking Out” with Dezso Laszlo-Kiss, Budapest, Hungary

Korunk Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Godot Gallery “Supreme” with Minyo Szert, Budapest, Hungary

Harom Het Galeria “Circles” Budapest, Hungary

FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture “Urban Landscape No. 6 – Light/Structures” Budapest, Hungary

Defo Labor “Space Observers” with Ildiko Peter, Budapest, Hungary
Art Club "Danube Dialogs – Budapest/Novi Sad" with Pavle Jovanovic, Novi Sad, Serbia

Telep Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Magyar Muhely Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Galerija Photon “Deep Surfaces” Ljubljana, Slovenia
Nessim Gallery “Trio” with Akos Czigany, Budapest, Hungary
A.P.A.! Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

CDA Gallery, Graz, Austria
Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin “Urban Landscapes” Berlin, Germany

Polish Institut – Mu-Vesz Pince “White Pictures” Budapest, Hungary
Arcus Gallery, Vac, Hungary

Orokmozgo Cinema “Passive House” Budapest, Hungary


Balint Szombathy established the Photosuprematists group in 2013. It is motivated by the historical moment of 2013 being the 100th birth anniversary of Suprematism, the art movement established by Kazimir Malevich.

Balassi Institute Brussels, Belgium

Balassi Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia
Galerija Photon Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hungarian Culture Institute, Stuttgart, Germany
Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Photon Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, Hungary
Csikasz Gallery, Veszprem, Hungary



Vasarely Museum “Bauhaus 100”, Budapest, Hungary
Artphoto Gallery “Kerekes-Barabas Project” Budapest, Hungary
MUPA - Palace of Arts “Bauhaus Contemporary” Budapest, Hungary

Vasarely Museum “On The Edge Of Geometry” Budapest, Hungary
Harom Het Gallery “Noise Of The Image” Budapest, Hungary

TOBE Gallery “Guelcome” Budapest, Hungary
Vasarely Museum “Found Geometry” Budapest, Hungary
Fotogalerie Wien “Abstractions” Vienna, Austria

Vasarely Foundation “Regards sur la Ville” Aix en Provence, France
Alma Gallery “Echoes: City, Society, Conflict & Self in Hungarian Photography” New York, NY, USA
TOBE Gallery “Triangle” Budapest, Hungary

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art “LACDA 2014 Top 40” Los Angeles, CA, USA
Vasarely Museum “Space As Space” Budapest, Hungary
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art “LACDA Ten Years Anniversary Retrospective” Los Angeles, CA, USA

Galerie Centrum – Cultural City Network Graz “Arrivals / Departures” Graz, Austria
MAMU Gallery “Malevich Looks Back” Budapest, Hungary
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art “LACDA – Ninth Anniversary Exhibit” Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art “Cinematorgraph” short video, Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Hive Gallery “Created dreams" Los Angeles, CA, USA
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art “LACDA Eighth Anniversary Retrospctive” Los Angeles, CA, USA

B55 Gallery “Geomix 2.0” Budapest, Hungary
Nessim Gallery “Vectors” Budapest, Hungary

Centralis Gallery “Women Only” Budapest, Hungary
Nessim Gallery “Absence" Budapest, Hungary
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art “LACDA 2010 Top 40” Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje “Okolje Consulting Art Collection” Celje, Slovenia


PHOTONIC MOMENTS SHOWS by Photon Gallery in 2008 – 2009:

Salon Galic, Split, Croatia

Magacin Galerija, Belgrade, Serbia

Fotogalerie des Rathaus, Graz, Austria

Korotan Art Center, Vienna, Austria

Photonic Moments, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia



2019 – FRAME - Art Market Budapest - Bauhaus Contemporary

2019 – Photo London - TOBE Gallery

2018 – Photo Basel - Photon Gallery

2018 – Art Photo Budapest - As a special guest artist of the Visegrad Contemporary Festival

2018 – Fresh Paint Tel Aviv, Israel - TOBE Gallery

2017 – Fotofever Paris - Photon Gallery

2017 – MIA Milano - TOBE Gallery

2017 – Art Photo Budapest - TOBE Gallery

2016 – Artmarket/Artphoto Budapest - TOBE Gallery

2016 – Artmarket/Artphoto Budapest - Photon Galerie Wien

2013 – Fotofever Brussels - Inda Gallery

2011 – Artmarket Budapest - Galerija Photon Ljubljana

2010 – Contemporary Istanbul - Nessim Gallery

2010 – C. A. R. Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen - Nessim Gallery

2008 – Vienna Fair represented - Photon Ljubljana



2014 – Centre Europeen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines, Strasbourg, France

2011 – Residency at Estonian Artist Association, Tallinn, Estonia

2009 – Cultural City Network Residency in Graz, Austria

2008 – Pecsi Jozsef Scholarship, Budapest, Hungary

2008 – Cultural City Network Graz Award, Graz, Austria


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