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Andrzej Lichota

Born: 1972

member since: 2019


Andrzej Lichota is a contemporary Polish artist, art painter, sculptor, director. His artistic interests revolve around oil painting entrenched in the current of abstract expressionism, inspired by the artist`s authentic experiences.  Landscape or its structural attributes and fragments, to be precise - as wellas meetings, places, and broadly defined reference to the archetype all constitute a significant element of his works. Lichota`s painting oeuvre often features light clashing with darkness with colour emerging as a result of that encounter. Wide impastos, the variety of tools used, resorting to means of artistic expression rooted in the art informel  tradition, as well as large format contribute to the almost monumental effect exerted by the paintings. The artist`s travels gave rise to such series as Australia, Iran, La Gomera, and the latest one - Corrida.

He obtained his MA from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow. 

A scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture
A scholar of the Erich Pommer Institut, Berlin. 
Faculty at animated film - Academy of F

Tropical Burning Man - he presented sculpture "Hemingway', 6.7 m high,  Baia Formosa Brazil, 2019

Exhibition in Studio Bank Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 2019

Exhibition in National Muzeum of Art in Cracow, 2019

Solo Exhibition Institute of Cervantes Gallery  - Cracow, Poland, 2019

Solo Exhibition Zuna Gallery  - Wroclaw, Poland  April - June 2017
Solo Exhibition, Andrew Lichota, "Abstractions - Australia, Iran, La Gomera", 
Gallery ARCHETURA, Krakow, 2016 -2017

Solo Exhibition, Andrew Lichota, Browary Lubicz Gallery, Krakow June - Julay 2016

International Exhibition of Painting "Ancient Palaces", Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy, 2016

Solo Exhibition at the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw

Solo Exhibition Festival Satyrblues in Tarnobrzeg
Solo Exhibition, Gallery Piranha Rzeszow
Solo Exhibition of painting Camera Cafe, Krakow
Solo Exhibition of painting Alchemia Krakow
The exhibition in the Days of Polish, 
"City Gallery" St. Leonhard, Austria
Solo Exhibition of painting "Gallery on the first floor," Krakow
Solo Exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures, Aula Gallery, Katowice
Solo Exhibition of paintings, Aula Gallery, Katowice

 Permanent Solo Exhibition of drawings 2012 in "Rzeczpospolita" daily house in Warsaw
Permanent Solo Exhibition of drawings  2001 in Raiffeisen Bank, Warsaw
Multimedia presentations of works in the television network schedule TVM / Krakow, Lodz, Kalisz, Szczecin - 2011/2012 
Exhibition of satirical drawings National Salon of Humour and Satire in Bielany, Warsaw
Exhibition of satirical drawings and promotion of the book "Mini Gallery ', Krakow
Exhibition of satirical drawings and promotion of the book "Manor Zieleniewski" Trzebinia

Some of selected exhibitions:
2014 - Festival of Humour, Gdańsk;
2012 - Festival of Humour, Gdańsk;
2011 - Festival of Humour, Gdańsk;
2010 - Chopin`s Smile, Caricature Museum, Primate's Palace, Warsaw;
2009 - Festival of Humour Gdańsk;
2008 - Aydin Dogan Vakfi, Istanbul, Ankara;
2007 - Festival of Stars, Festival of Humour, Gdańsk;
2006 - Festival of Stars, Festival of Humour, Gdańsk;
2006 - Exhibition of the Year Polish-German Unterwegs zur Begegnung Gallery Szyperska, Poznan;Potsdam, Berlin
2005 - Good Humour Festival, Gdańsk;
2005 - International Workshop satirical MORKA, Ustronie Marine;
2004 - National Exhibition "And yet it moves", Torun;
2003 - I Forum of cartoonists, Museum of Caricature, Warsaw;
2003 - IX International Satirical Competition "Zlata Sudok" Pivna Gallery in Presov Slovakia;
2003 - Exhibition of associates Your Good Humor Festival of Humour, Gdańsk;
2002 - Cultural Center Theater in Grudziadz, an exhibition dedicated to the Polish Telecommunications and telephony phenomenon;
2002 - National Salon of Humor in 2002, the Museum of Caricature, Warsaw;
2002 - An exhibition "Thin feather, thick line", caricature Warsaw, Museum of Caricature in Warsaw - an exhibition of works nominated for awards - Warsaw;
2001 - Art Gallery in Częstochowa, exhibition of paintings;
2001 - Competition for drawing satirical humorous dedicated to Polish Telecom, post-competition exhibition, Gallery of Humour and Satire "The ladder", Wloclawek;
2001 - European Cartoon Contest, contest exhibition, Kruishoutem, Belgium;
2001 - Zemun International Salon of Caricature, post-competition exhibition, Yugoslavia;
2001 - National Competition satirical "Exchange Market" contest exhibition Exchange Centre, Warsaw;
2000 - International competition satirical "SATYRYKON" contest exhibition, the Museum of Copper, Legnica, Poland;
2000 - Museum of Caricature, Warsaw;
2000 International exhibition satirical drawing, "The Golden Smile" contest exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia;
2000 - 12-ste Biennial "humoristic art. In The World" contest exhibition, Vercelli, Italy;
1999 - International competition satirical "SATYRYKON" contest exhibition, the Museum of Copper, Legnica, Caricature Museum, Warsaw;
1999 - Salon Internacional CHOCARRERO Iztapalapa, MEXICO;,nId,2844359


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