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Andrea Sbra Perego


member since: 2019


Andrea Sbra Perego was born in Bergamo in 1982, it’s formation passes from Art School of Bergamo to the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, Milan and his pictorial style is made up of masters such as Fabio Maria Linari and Gianfranco Bonetti, to whom the artist has always been very close.
Since 2000 he has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in various Italian cities like Milan, La Spezia, Rome, and Genoa.
Fundamental step in his research is 2006, when he wrote the "Fantastic Treaty on Oroccoccoro Manifesto", a book that gives birth in 2013 to the Oroccoccoro Global Art Movement, a movement made up of mostly Italian artists who live and work in different country of the world (Italy, United Kingdom, Malaysia, USA).
In 2008 he moved to Rome, then to London; after a short stay in Mexico in 2015, he is back in his hometown.
It is during these years of constant movement that his artistic production focuses to analyze the close relationship between man and urban environment and to "tell the present, because tell the present is or should be responsible for any artist"; so his works often involve the human figure, or portrayed as protagonist or seen in its natural interaction with the urban territory.
Perego thinks that the artwork is not just the product of studio work, on the easel, but it is living itself to the rhythms of society and being an active part of it, the adventure of existence through the research of art, if possible.
He currently resides and works in Turin.
His works have been exhibited in various galleries in Italy and around the world; among the most important cities to mention are: Milan, Turin, Venice, London, Berlin, Osaka, Miami, Basel; a large dimension canvas of the artist is permanently displayed in Miami.


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