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Agnes Verebics

Born: 1982

member since: 2019


Living and working in Budapest.

In her art, the connection between individuality and the surrounding world is constantly under scrutiny. The boundaries of the self keep shifting until it swallows up the surrounding world entirely.

Ágnes Verebics’s work in faces and masks which hide behind devices attached to machines is calling for the ancestral genetics.
In recent years, she has developed a special technique painting on aluminum plate and gives a futuristic look to her fantastic figurative work.  As she stated, “…exaggerated human and animal body parts inspire and dominate the power of my works… I use fragmentary body images as vehicles to explore the sexuality, violence and the wider human condition;
equally important are questions of what lies behind these faces, what is revealed and what stays out of sight. In the case of self- portraits, what, one may ask, what does one see when facing oneself”.

Works in collections:

Imago Mundi-Luciano Bennetton Foundation Strabag Collection,
Frissiras Museum, Athens
Eszterházy Collection, Eisenstadt Everybody Needs Art Collection

M.ICA Miskolci Galéria, Miskolc
MissionArt Collection, Budapest/Miskolc

2004 Ecole Superieur Des Beaux Arts, Marseille

2000-2006 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest / painting


2015 Budapest Gallery / residency : Salzburg

2009 Hungarian Academy, Rome / Scholarship

2007 STRABAG Painting Award – Main Award

2006 MAOE Diploma Award

2005 Essl Award

2004 Erasmus Scholarship / Ecole Superieur Des Beaux Arts, Marseille

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2019    Hybrid/Totem, APA Gallery, Bp.

2018    /Maszkjaim/Verebics Ágnes és Csabai Renátó Kiállítasa, MissionArt Galéria Bp.

Extended Body, ResidentArt Galéria, Budapest

2017  Pitvar Hierarchia, APA Galéria, Budapest

Paradiso, The Quarry Contemporary Arts International /Bánki Ákossal/ Acton, USA

2016 My freaks - Karton Gallery, Budapest

2015 Hairy Gang - Missionart Gallery, Budapest

2013 Rebellis Creatura - Godot Gallery, Budapest

Palkó-Verebics - A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest (with Tibor Palkó)

2012 Verebics Sisters - Lena & Roselli Gallery, Budapest

Latent - Mono Gallery, Budapest

2011 Prestigitation - A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest

2010 Eight and a half pose - Mono Gallery, Budapest

2009 Common ground - Csikász Galéria, Veszprém (with Ábel Péterfy)

     "Szőröstül-Bőröstül" MissionArt Galéria, Budapest

Group exhibitions (selected)

2018    Charismatic Ordinariness, New medium-based feminist perspectives in Hungary CEU, Bp.

Views from V4, Art Thema Gallery, Brüsszel

2017    New Horizons of European Painting I /the identities of others/ Frissiras Museum, Athens

XYGeneration, Kortárs lengyel-magyar festészet, MODEM

2015-16 Elles - Frissiras Museum, Athens

2015 Unsettled affairs of Women - Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros

Convenienses - Ferencvárosi Pince Gallery, Budapest

2014 Don’t forget to be carefree, Design Terminal, Budapest

Day of Painting - New Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Contemporaries: Collectors and Artists – Hungarian and International Art from Private Collections in Hungary, 2010–2014 - New Budapest Gallery, Budapest

2013   Deathly Nature - MODEM, Debrecen

Young Art of Hungary - MOYA, Vienna

Art from Hungary - Art Center, Abu Dhabi

Dissimulare - Platán Gallery, Budapest

Body lens - Művészetmalom, Szentendre

2012  Organs and Extasy, Central Slovakian Gallery, Banska Bystrica

2011  XXI. Winter Exhibition, Miskolc

Graphic Triennial, Miskolc

Living Hungarian Painting - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Embellissez-Moi - Hungarian Institue, Paris

2010 New Europe - Galleria Civica, Palazzo Loffredo, Potenza, Rome

2009 Seeing yourself - Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemét

Belgrade with Budapest - Magacin u Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade


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