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Agnes Kontra

Born: 1977

member since: 2019


Agnes Kontra is a Budapest based contemporary artist. Her canvases, are the abstract color compositions of the visible and unvisible spaces, and capturing minimal movements.

The subjects of her paintings do not originate directly out of the visual physical sight, but out of her personal stories and experiences, and meditations. She is interested in manifestations full of life, the "becoming" or disappearing spaces or things that emerge before our eyes, the moments of existence. Her aim is that her paintings lead into the world of silence and forgiveness.

She studied on the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (1997-2002), majoring in painting, art history and art teaching, and in 2001-2002 in Munich on the Akademie der Bildenden Künste. She has been member of the Association of Hungarian Artists since 2002.
She made sereveral study trips across whole Europe (Great Britain, Italy, Germany and France) and also several month long trips on the american and asian continent. Further studies in psychology, psychotherapy. She is a Professional Certified Coach / Accredited by the International Coach Federation . ACC. Her mission is to help you can step into your strengths.

Agnes Kontra's works can be found in many collections, e.g. Brussels, Belgium, Ceer Council of European Energy Regulators, TÜV Rheinland Hungary, as well as private collections in New York, München, Zürich, Budapest.


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