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Aniko Herbert

Established: 1984

member since: 2019


Aniko Herbert aka Haniko 
Visual artist
She living and working in Budapest.

She is interested in the observation of nature in terms of abstractions which involves plain, playful elements.
She combines organic forms with other—experimental and natural—materials.
The discerning observation of the play of light and shade in nature facilitates and deepens her human sensibilities as well as the desire for content creation in her works.
Being immersed in details is a deeply meditative state for her.
She is interested in those site-specific presentation of her work that resonate with a corresponding emotional display on their environment.
She favorites form is the void with shadow.
In her collages, sculptures and paintings she produces collections based on recognitions and use patterns of cyclic repetitions in the depiction of internal, personal stories.
The harmony of Eastern thought.

2017 Muhu Print, Muhu island, ES

2013 Slow Film workshop, Sárospatak- Eger, HU

2010-2011 Eszterházy Károly University, Master’s studies, Eger, HU

2006- 2010 Eszterházy Károly University, Department of Drawing and Visual- Communication, Eger, HU

2009 Textil Workshop, Szombathely, HU

2005 Regional Talent Scout Program of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU

2003-2005 Technical School for Business and Arts Eventus, Department of Electronic Graphics, Eger, HU



Péter Földi, József Szurcsik, Magdolna Ványai


2019 NeighbourART Artist of the Year 2019
2018 NKA support
2016 National Young Talent Scholarship
2015 NKA support
2014 Junior Prima Primissima Preis, nomination
         K&H Preis
         UniCredit Preis
2012 Junior Prima Primissima Preis, nomination
2009- 2010  Republican Scholarship, Eger

2019 HIRUNDO, Rugógyár Gallery, Budapest

2019 Belső horizont, Négyszoba Gallery, Budapest

2018 Hidden garden, K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest, HU

2016 A forest in which I ramble—Pando: the breath of a trembling poplar, Hungarian Workshop Gallery, Budapest. HU

2015  Paper installation & workshop, Sziget fesztivál, ArtZone, Budapest, HU

2015  Mini solo show, Bálna, Budapest, HU

2015  Willful blindness | LOVE, Gallery IX, Budapest, HU

2014   I<3 Budapest pop up solo show, HU

           Galéria IX, Budapest. HU

           One Night Stand, ARTZRT, pop-up show, Budapest, HU

           Willful blindness I PRESENT, Gallery IX, Budapest, HU

2013  Shaque Jour, French Institute, Budapest, HU

2011  Something is found, Alkoholos Filc, Art Moments, Hybrid Art, Budapest, HU



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